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Creative Design Agency: What Is It and How to Find One

Dec 19
4 min read

Seamless user experience (UX) and the imperative of an intuitive user interface (UI) are the watchwords for any creative design agency worth their salt. And so they are for the Authentic Studio team, who applies these principles to all their work.

The artsy part of a creative agency is intertwined with solid skills from the realm of market analysis and a whole lot of tech-savvy. We thought we would mention that before launching into the rationale of creating a better UX to reinforce your corporate brand.

The Info You Want – Right Away

Fast loading times, easily digestible information that you can see easily on your mobile device. Enhanced user experience is what responsive websites are all about. There’s a multi-disciplined, collaborative process involved in achieving that, and it’s what your business deserves.

Fin-tech geeks get it. You need a strategy to reach your goals. That’s why creative agencies work with their clients to pare down these goals and incorporate them into a series of process steps. Our responsive website process steps page does just that.

The layout responds to the type of display. The same content displays differently on a 24″ wide-screen than it does on a 15″ laptop screen, and the change is instantaneous. If you have a laptop hooked up to a second, larger screen, you might want to try it for yourself.

Try that same page on your mobile device, and you (as the user) will experience no discomfort or disorientation. In other words, whatever device you use, your experience of the corporate entity’s user interface will be equally appealing. The huge advantage is that all annoyances of website navigation you previously dealt with have disappeared.

And that means that you can get to the heart of your message right away. And visitors to your website get your core message right away too. And the graphic design is good too, as an integral part of your message, you understand.

Behind the Sleek User Interface

Beauty here is not skin deep. We drill down on data for each client. That’s why we begin the process of achieving website responsiveness by talking to the client. From experience, we know that clients have a tonne of information that they don’t realize we can use to tailor their interface with the world.

In initial consultations with the clients, we go through all the usual stuff, like asking about target audiences, but we like to get sight of market research, market survey, and real data to help us get to the next step. The next step is to hone in on the company’s goals and the goals of their website. This is crucial before we do anything else and is the baseline for a successful online presence.

Establishing Priorities, Content-Wise

There are many misconceptions about content when it comes to design. Have a peek at the Readability Guidelines spearheaded by Content Design London to see how even Error messages need careful consideration when putting together your company’s website or app. This type of content is a far cry from the types of blogs you were imagining, isn’t it?

The groundwork has to be done first. This includes determining priorities for all your must-haves. Aside from a responsive website, these could include a fin-tech web app, an authenticity verification app for branded products such as upmarket wines, e-commerce platforms, and even branded games. Once we have a clear understanding of what you need, we can move on to how this can be achieved.

We mention branded games because that page on our website shows clearly the development of a brand logo and its subsequent iterations. Iterations of designs are important because the designs are used everywhere, making brand recognition easy.

The design has to work on everything from your main website to golf-ball giveaways and other promotional items.

CMS Integration and the Creative Design Agency

We’re skipping out a lot of steps here. Still, it is worth noting that a digital design agency, or a creative design agency, also has digital marketing know-how and the IT capability to drive your marketing plans forward.

Having a Content Management System built into your website makes enormous sense. This will give you the ability to add articles and blog posts to your website with the minimum of fuss. For content on the rest of your website, you might like to consult with your creative design agency can manage this for you.

Choosing which CMS is right for you is something Authentic Studio can help you with. For the moment, you might like to read a few CMS reviews.

And then there are the behind-the-scenes maintenance updates. You don’t want downtime. Close collaboration with your creative design agency will minimize that particular risk but will also help you get the most out of your CMS.

Give Your Clients What They Want

We suspect that your company’s target customers have international investment interests—that why we are based in London and Hong Kong. We’re close to two of the world’s leading stock markets and understand the financial buzz.

Design serves as a tool to enhance your users’ experience and therefore drives customer engagement. This is what you want because by building trust, you generate interest. And that generates income (for you), and, pardon the pun, interest on top of that.

And, just like in the real world, the creative design agency doesn’t only focus on the digital stuff. Our services, based on sound marketing principles, translate well into the physical world too. We’re quite proud of the way we have helped many clients achieve finesse in their digital-physical work-life balance.

Plan for Profit

While you can search the web trying to judge for yourself which creative design agency is best for you, why don’t you save time by contacting us to talk about the project you have in mind?

You could also have a quick chat with our real live human in the chatbox on our website. And if you want a website as cool as ours, then you know that you have come to the right place!

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