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A case study of building SchoolTracs ecosystem, the most powerful and intuitive school management Enterprise Resource Planning platform. As a cloud based SaaS application it offers unbeatable flexibility making it perfect choice for large scale chain of education centers as well as small tutoring, piano or ballet schools.


What is SchoolTracs

SchoolTracs is the most powerful and intuitive cloud based school management ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform. As a SaaS application it offers unbeatable flexibility making it perfect choice for large scale chain of education centers as well as small tutoring, piano or ballet schools. Packed with tons of essential features gives users control over timetable planning, student databases, attendance, rescheduling classes, student payments, and detailed reports and branches management. Designed primarily for desktop and tablets SchoolTracs POS or Lesson booking are crafted specially for Point of Sale terminals. The app offers white labeling options for full integration with your company.


What SchoolTracs asked us to do

SchoolTracs team contacted Authentic Studio Hong Kong with idea of revamping an education center management app. Their software had been used in number of places in Hong Kong but it was unscalable, required quite a few new features and total redesign of current user experience (UX). Initial workshops helped with realizing that simple UI revamp would not be enough and new plan was built where Authentic Studio Hong Kong team of designers, developers as well as user experience designers will draft an MVP and a plan for further updates.

Over two years of cooperation with Authentic Studio delivered a fully functional ERP that includes advanced booking module, Point of Sale (POS), payroll and accounting as well as customizable invoicing and branches management. Further upgrades added a mobile app for parents and internal newsfeed and messaging system.


Tailor made for desktops and POS terminals

One of the most important goal was to design an intuitive and easy to use POS module that would significantly speed up selling process. Our team tested several solutions to come up with a Point of Sale that not only shortened booking process by half but also introduced a task automation, color coding and auto-suggestions based on popular choices.


What we delivered

Analytical tools are only as good as the data they’re using. That is why we pull data from multiple customer touch points within and outside the system apps. Insights across these channels are crucial for understanding important metrics. Not all people are comfortable with raw data that is why put strong emphasis on data visualization that matters and drives action. We used visual data analysis to increase understanding of regular KPIs as well as complex problems that may not be so obvious when looking at a table filled with numbers.

One of the problems with most reporting tools, is how little control users have with diving deeper into a metric or report. Building and advanced and fully customizable reports creator was a strategic goal from the start. The system comes with predefined list of reports of the most popular KPIs as well as behavioral metrics and raw accounting data reports.


Franchising and White Labeling

We took school management software to the next level by implementing features to easily manage multiple branches, separate companies and brands under one umbrella. Advanced invoicing and billing modules combined with white labeling options and customizable printed documents help business brand owners adjust ERP to their needs. White or Private labeling has been implemented in all customer-oriented functionalities and add-ons such as for ex. Mobile app for parents.

Managing large network of education centers required designing architecture that protects trade secrets and customer databases from leaking or data theft. Our team created complex user management that allows managers to open or restrict access to sensitive data depending on the position any given staff member holds at the organization or trustworthy index. Detailed and easy to read action logs helps with training new employees and resolving potential disputes.

Another level of security measure include storing databases in the cloud in encrypted form with regular backups.


Further upgrades

The results are very satisfactory for SchoolTracs clients and SchoolTracs continues to work with Authentic Studio Hong Kong on further development of the ERP. Following the success of the collaboration, SchoolTracs has also decided to partner with Authentic Studio on building their supporting mobile app that was released in late 2018.

SchoolTracs System in numbers:

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