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Fin-Tech: Elevating Your Workforce Software Experience

Apr 27
4 min read

Fin-Tech: Elevating Your Workforce Software Experience

Your workforce user experience is vital. Find out how Fin-Tech can help your company go above and beyond right here in this guide.

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Fin-tech has been revolutionizing every single aspect of the workforce in the 21st Century. This is one of the reasons that 60% of credit unions and 49% of banks believe that fin-tech partnerships are important. 

Those figures are from the first half of 2019, also. The economy was already well in the throes of digital transformation as we entered the second decade of the 21st Century. 

Then COVID-19 descended and life as we knew it ground to a halt. It also meant that remote work and collaboration has become the new normal. Over 16 million knowledge workers started working remotely at the beginning of quarantine, and that number is likely even higher now. 

Luckily, fin-tech can help your workforce transition to overcome these new challenges at the same time. 

Improving Your Workforce Software Experience With Fin-Tech

First off, let’s take a look at what we mean by workforce software experience. This will help give you an idea of how fin-tech solutions can help improve your workforce user experience.

What Is Workforce User Experience? 

You hear a lot about User Experience (UX) or customer experience in today’s digital economy. Workforce user experience is the flipside of that. It’s also sometimes referred to as employee experience. 

Workforce user experience is a metric similar to employee engagement. It just focuses on the big picture rather than each individual interaction. It also measures productivity, compensation, and overall employee satisfaction. 

Measuring workforce user experience also helps give a clearer picture of an entire enterprise. You can also monitor temp employees, gig workers, and c-suite members. This helps ensure a more transparent, healthy workplace environment. 

Some of these factors are even more important in a decentralized workplace. In an office environment, at least you’re able to see at least some of the interactions that take place around you. In digital-first workplaces, everything is remote. This means that unsavory practices might escape your notice. 

How Fin-Tech Software Can Improve Workforce Software Experience

Let’s be honest, we spend 30% of our lives (or more) working. The experience we have while we’re working is intensely important. It impacts every single nuance of our lives. 

Including, of course, our output at work. 

Improving the workforce software experience treats potential problems from the root up. It improves your workforce’s output while improving their experience at the same time! 

Eliminates Redundancy 

No one likes to do unnecessary work. “Work smart, not hard” has stuck around for so long as a piece of sage work advice for a reason. 

Fin-tech solutions can save your workforce untold time, energy, and effort simply by removing redundancy. Cloud-based solutions save workers from having to fill out forms in triplicate, for instance. 

This also means that data is guaranteed to be accurate and up-to-date, at the same time. 

Focus On Workforce

We spend so much of our time focusing on the user and customer experience we can sometimes overlook our workers. Fin-tech solutions offer us the opportunity to focus on our employees so we can make their experience as pleasant as possible, so they can be happy as well as productive. 

It also speaks to one of the potentials of working with a Fin-Tech design team. When you create your own technological solutions you can design your own products from the ground up. You can decide on every single feature that will be featured as well as those that won’t. 

When you’re designing your digital products, start off by talking with your workforce a bit. See what it is that they want and what they’d like to be different in your current software suite. This will inform the design and development process when it comes time to create your own app or digital tools. 

Focus On Collaboration

Although it brings many opportunities, remote collaboration also has its challenges. Getting everybody on the same page is perhaps the most pressing. This challenge ramps up exponentially when you’re working with a decentralized workforce that could potentially be anywhere on Earth. 

If you really want to make the most of your Fin-Tech solutions, you need to get your workforce fully proficient with remote collaboration tools. There are no shortage of excellent collaboration tools and techniques at this point, luckily. 

As part of your digital onboarding process, you should set up a collaborative tool like a Kanban board or chat channel. You should have dedicated sections for different projects as well as common issues, as well. 

Something as simple as having a dedicated section for payroll questions can do so much for employee morale. It also embraces the asynchronous nature of working online, which negates many of the potential problems and even turns them into positives! 


Finally, fin-tech solutions help ensure that everything, and everybody, are in their right place in the workforce. Even in a physical workspace, it’s imperative that everyone knows what they need to be doing. They need to be recognized for their efforts and they need to be held accountable for areas where they might need some improvement. 

Fin-tech can help your employees know what they need to be doing at any given time. It helps ensure that everybody’s on the same page and knows what team members they’re working with. 

All of these factors, considered together, will help your workforce to feel more appreciated and be more productive at the same time. It will also help ease your mind and get the most out of your workforce, simultaneously! 

Looking For Software Design?

At Authentic Studio, it is our great pleasure to work with our clients on every stage of the development process. If you’re ready to find out how a Fin-Tech solution can upgrade your digital business, contact us today and let us know how we can help bring your product to light!

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