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7 Tips for Effective Fin-Tech Web App Design

Apr 27
4 min read

7 Tips for Effective Fin-Tech Web App Design

Packaging the complexity of financial products into a lightweight and easy-to-use web app design for customers isn’t easy. Here are some tips from those who have done it.

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Over 50% of Americans use online banking for its high level of convenience. Users can access their banking information and make changes anywhere, at any time, right from their computer or mobile device.

The challenge many users face is finding a FinTech web app design that’s easy to use and engaging. Many apps get carried away by providing the user with too much information, challenging navigation, and awkward layouts. Rather than improving convenience, these apps are making it difficult for users to complete tasks.

Follow these seven simple tips to create a user-friendly and effective web app design for FinTech business.

1. Quality FinTech UX Design

User experience (UX) design is the overall experience a user has with a product. This includes everything from the performance to the usability and accessibility of the web app.

Finance and banking isn’t the easiest industry for clients to navigate. When planning the layout, display, and task flow, financial institutions need to think about how the user will use and interact with the web app.

Good UX design in FinTech web apps helps users solve problems with ease while enhancing convenience. To do this, keep information succinct, offer clear call-to-actions, and only offer detailed information when asked. This, along with an intuitive layout will improve the user experience of the app.

2. Less Is More

Minimalist design is both aesthetically pleasing and makes achieving a goal easier.

Less detailed information improves the usability and convenience of a FinTech mobile app. The average user isn’t familiar with industry terms and may not understand certain data. A recurring issue with FinTech web app design is offering too much information.

Overloading the user with too much information causes confusion and stress. Most users don’t want to take the time to learn how to use your app much less learn the ins and outs of the financial industry.

3. Responsive Web App Design

Your customers will be accessing their online banking information from a variety of devices including desktops, tablets, phones, and other mobile devices. Each of these devices comes in a variety of different operating systems.

Financial app designs need to be responsive and able to work flawlessly on a variety of devices and operating systems. Progressive web app development will ensure all users on any device can access and use your web app with ease. Responsive design improves the user experience, level of convenience, and accessibility.

4. Web App Design Consistency

Consistency in web app design is one of the base principles of design. Consistency refers to using a consistent shape and style with all buttons, typography, and colors. Consistent designs make using the web app easier to use and prevent users from running into errors or getting confused.

Users will come to your web app with experiences and expectations as to how to use your app. Following existing design layouts and elements will eliminate confusion and a poor user experience. Keeping the design layout and elements of the app consistent limits the representation of actions and operations in the app.

Improve consistency with:

Consistent design choices make your app appear more professional and show your company pays attention to the finer details.

5. Optimize Security

Security is the most important aspect of any FinTech web app. FinTech apps contain sensitive personal information, like banking information. A challenge FinTech web apps face is balancing security with ease of use.

Around 27% of financial and healthcare firms witnessed an increase in cyberattacks. A weakness in the security of your FinTech web app design can lead to major data leaks and cyber-attacks. Most users are cautious about the potential dangers associated with digital financial apps and sites.

To reduce the threat of cyberattacks and data leaks, FinTech designers must build security into every stage of the web app design. The security systems will need testing to ensure reliability and safety.

Integrate security features such as logins, biometric confirmation, and two-factor authentication. Most users will feel safer while using your web app.

If you collect user data to troubleshoot potential concerns and problems in the app, you need to let your users know. Explaining to your users why you collect data and why some aspects are the way they offer transparency and builds trust.

6. Give Control to the Users

Do you want to increase user engagement and satisfaction with your FinTech app? Give users control.

Users love having the ability to navigate apps and sites at their own pace. Newer users might need more information to use the app while experienced users will require less.

Offer convenient options for users to search for the functionality they need. Users will feel more engaged and have a more pleasant experience with the web app design.

Another option is to give users the option of customizing how they see the application. This allows users to set up the app in a unique way that best suits their needs while improving convenience. Some potential customizations include offering a dark mode or different color modes.

7. Animation in FinTech App Designs

Many of today’s web apps utilize animation to offer better aesthetics and improve the user experience. Animation doesn’t replace design elements but rather accents existing designs.

Functional animation shows the user the result of the action they selected. This helps organize and improve the focus of important elements. Adding functional animation improves intuitive design and will guide users through the app.

Micro-interactions animation offers the user feedback when confirming certain actions. Like with functional animation, micro-interactions animation also shares the intended result of the action they performed.

The main purpose of any animation in an app is to show that some action is happening. Pair animations with elements such as buttons, icons, fonts, and any other UI elements to make the app more enjoyable for the user.

Create Your Best FinTech Web App Design Today

FinTech web app design can be light, engaging, and easy to use! Keeping the design simple and thinking about the user’s journey will ensure your web app designs are the most convenient. By following these seven web app design tips, you can start creating a FinTech app you and your users will love.

Do you have an exciting project in mind? Drop us a line. We have cutting-edge ideas backed with years of experience to make your project a success!

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