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We design and develop stunning websites, cutting-edge apps using state-of-the-art technology and tools.



We’re a software design and development agency based in Hong Kong, London, and Krakow specializing in building brands, creating unforgettable user experiences, and, most of all, crafting unique products that impact the digital world.

We’re also a passionate team of experts who share an enthusiasm for beautiful and functional design. While our approach is rooted in design thinking, we know how to create an unforgettable user experience that converts pass-by users to loyal customers. We like to work in small, close-knit, agile teams because this way, we can deliver fast and scalable results.

We are not only developers and designers at heart. Our Product Owners and Team Leaders share a mutual interest in business, finance and education. Our artistic and creative drive goes together with our longing for mathematical precision and lightning performance. A holistic approach to business analysis lets us deliver a beautiful product that not only performs but sells well. On top of everything, we believe in partnership and mutual respect with almost a marriage-level honesty that delivers the best possible outcomes.


Being a UX designer means that you need to understand the business, operations, and, first and foremost - the end-user. After a lot of discovery sessions, tests, and prototyping, we can model pretty much every business operation out there. Using our analytical skills and BPML, we deliver successful reports and game-changing concepts to every software, so when our Software Engineers take over, they know what to do precisely. By our natural course of action, we have managed to impress a few industries the most. See some of our case studies or ask for a complete portfolio.


User Experience Design doesn't naturally come to mind when thinking of Financial Web Applications. It is somewhat set in stone that financial interfaces are bulky, spreadsheet-like, and being honest - somewhat ugly. Simplifying the bulkiness of a spreadsheet might not seem appealing to you, it sure sounds like that to us.


Automotive is a fast-moving business, and it is so real, and down to earth, that most of the business is handled via phone or face to face. It's how it has been and why change? Well, a lot of phone conversations and face to face meetings get lost in translation, and bringing it all together is what we love.


You might consider children unrelated to business activities, but as reviewers and software users, they are merciless. User Experience in Education brings out a completely different challenge, and the software behind this better be well-tested and bug-free. Our young experts won't miss a thing, and app performance is critical.

New technologies

Keeping track of what's is out there and what's is coming - we tend to incorporate the best new technologies into our projects. Machine Learning, bots, QR codes, unique 'magic' links are standard these days. We keep in touch with face tracking and recognition experts and hit every possible event to bring in the best solutions.


Our origins date back to 2009 in Hong Kong, where we’ve designed our first product and decided that Poland is the place to look for developers. Working with amazing talents, but wanting to pin skills to a friendly face naturally selected London as our place of interest to discuss business, opportunities, and shared passions. London’s events and business scene delivered a truly unique structure that got formalized in 2015 and is growing since.



Professional R&D
The “awwward winning” developers from Krakow have a lot to offer. The city itself is vibrant; it’s geeky; It’s fresh - we love it.


Events and operations
A country on its own provides the best connections, events, and networking opportunities imaginable serving businesses globally.


Innovations at a scale
It still feels like home, but it never sleeps, provides us with the best cutting-edge technological opportunities up to date.


Business-oriented professionals first, enthusiastic creatives second. We might feel different than hip youngster designers offering range from flashing pink to one-dot design that regular users don’t get or find too intrusive. We like balance.

Add a moderate thrive for perfection with a hint of remote management mastery, and you are in for a threat of a mix of factors that make us unique.

Dedicated teams

From start to finish, our complete skillset is at your disposal. The well-selected team delivers high-quality execution of core concepts that are clean and extendable. We don’t do artificial team augmentation - it’s not in our creed.

Predictable Pricing

Our pricing model benefits both. It’s fixed-priced at first but naturally transforms into time-material when core concepts are ready, and the product is up and running. Mixing this with waterfall scheduling, MVP, and SLA concepts gives a clear financial overview.


Say no more. Having worked for United States and Canadian based businesses while working from Hong Kong, and scheduling for both London and Krakow made us pretty efficient in terms of planning and workflow. Who needs time zones anyway.


For every business, reporting is vital. Tasks are manageable and quantifiable - there is a number behind every decision. We keep those organized as lists. Pinpointing responsibilities is merely efficient and eradicates bottlenecks. We are boring like that and we like that efficiency.


Being in a competitive environment brings many challenges, and having those spread out across continents provides excellent opportunities to grow. We have been doing this for over ten years and are more than willing to share our knowledge with you. Although we do specialize, we are not afraid of any industry.

Code quality

Pull, push, don’t cherry-pick, merge, and commit. Please don’t forget to code review, raise a flag, and squash a bug - no animals harmed. Trust us, some of us are engineers, so stay S.O.L.I.D. and keep it D.R.Y. Code quality does matter. <3 K.I.S.S.
Their work was solid and we were blown away by their abilities to use the most modern, cutting-edge technology. They have the ability to create impressive, dynamic work.
Naresh Ramjee Business Architect at Equiniti read MORE ON:


We do not claim to change how the internet works, because how it works allows us to understand how to transition solid ideas into clickable prototypes fast. We like to think that some of the flow we incorporate is revolutionary; few of our clients do think so - the rest of our workflow, however, is based on best practices of agile thinking, rapid prototyping, and reactive programming and event-driven architectures.

Transparent, automated deployment and migrations pipelines allow us to streamline “the feedback to the production” process. It works and is proven.

Project kickoff
Let’s get to know each other. No matter what it is, understanding context of an organization is vital for a successful delivery or discovery workshop. Stakeholders’ expectations, user stories, and use cases are only some of the critical means of outlining project scope and technical requirements.
Evaluation and planning
We are never sick of business modelling graphs, spreadsheets, and schedules. Some of our clients are, but don’t worry; you don’t need to see them if you don’t want to. For an explicit definition of an MVP, we are afraid they are necessary.
Designing and prototyping
A great user experience is solves problems and improve user satisfaction. Iterations and improvements are what we believe in, and nearly-instant, end-user validation is the only thing that has proven to work time and time again.
Developping and testing
Rapid Prototyping is the way to go; rapid development with no testing suite is a recipe for disaster. Luckily we not only develop beautiful and functional software but we make sure it works for everyone on all devices.


A skilled craftsman knows his business and equips himself with his favourite hardware of choice to complete the unique styles he represents.

Being not far off it, we, as digital professionals, do precisely that. We do believe in bespoke software and calibrated tools that bring out the best performance and have and very aware of technological overkill that can sink a project before it gets a chance to rise.

Rushed decisions are short-sighted, and we are here for the long game. Launching right makes for a good run, and this is part of our core belief.


Designers' favorite toys

With a revolutionary attitude, we turn to industry standards to keep the balance factor at bay. Mockups and wireframes are logical puzzles, but it’s the animations, and motion design our creatives love the most

Colaboration choices

Universal secure link and one-click authorization to allow instant feedback, clear communication, and visual aids to pinpoint and solve the issue without unread emails and other nonsense.

Analytic platforms

Machine-learning powered tools hidden in plain sight are on our side. Automated heatmaps, visual, and reaction-time tracking provide the best data for user-centered decision making when it comes to improvements.

Developers' armory

Technical conversations are usually short. Developers like to keep it that way, so the only “verbal” insight from the dev team was this:


We have had a pleasure to work with the biggest brands and agencies all over the world but we also had amazing opportunity to help new brands take their first step and grow...


We have worked for many different businesses and there is high likelihood that we have insights that will make your project outstanding. Give us 15 minutes to convince you that we have right people, skills, experience and passion.

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