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A case study of bespoke landing pages for "Let's solve it" omnichannell marketing strategy that Authentic studio Hong Kong have been crafting for Asia Pacific markets.


Let's solve it campaign

It's an international branded campaign launched by J.P. Morgan in partnership with The Wall Street Journal, which acknowledges the firm's ability to provide insights, expertise and investment solutions to help advisors and their clients build stronger portfolios. Furthermore Let's solve it is globally integrated platform to consistently reinforce this message across all paid and owned channels.


What we have done for J.P. Morgan Asset Management

At some point of our cooperation with J.P. Morgan Asset Management we were asked to revamp existing product page for one of income funds offered to Asia Pacific clients. There were several objectives that we had to take into account. The whole process begun from careful planning of the entire marketing campaign starting from understanding the target market. Once we knew where the visitors would be comming from we had to find an answer for what the users would be looking for on the landing page which helps refining the conversion goal.

Most product pages that we have built for J.P. Morgan have been dedicated for two types of clients: professional investors and regular clients with long-term goals. The content had to be crafted to satisfy both target groups, which menas we have had to deliver detailed charts and combine them with more digestible options for regular clients. The biggest challenge was to translate often complex and abstract economical concepts into simplified animations, icons or inforgraphics.

Another issues that we have had to deal with were guidelines and brand instructions such as general brand guidelines, campaign rules, compliance as well as SFC (Securities and Futures Commnission) regulations. The room for creativity that they are leaving is usually very narrow which requires from our team special set of creative skills and economical background (that luckily we have).


How We started

Successful marketing campaign has to start from carefull planning with the Client, contenet providers as well as other vendors. It's very important to make sure everyone know the rules and limitations imposed by either the campaign guidelines or market regulators. Our team knew the target group and listed all the channells where the traffic would be comming from and we made sure to match the message accross all advertising media. The copy was broken up so that both target groups could find something interesting and to convert their interest into action.

Analysis and Planning

Brand guidelines and Compliance Requirements

Corporate Brand Guidelines and Design Compliance

Analysis and Planning

Customised campaign banner

Key element of each LSI campaign is made of two semi-circles. Pie chart of the left represents fund’s portfolio while left side is visual representation of campaign slogan.Our main task was to create visual identity that would strengthen the campaign message and be aligned with other marketing channels.

We have spent great deal of time experimenting with different options and testing them on target groups to deliver the most compelling one. Since the right side (graphic) is crucial element of the banner we had to make sure it will fit all media it will be use on such as: MTR Billboards, TV commercials, brochures, magazine ads as well as websites or web ads.


Prototypes and A/B testing scenarios

Important part of planning are brainstorming session that we hold internally but also with the Client’s team. We try to find ideal solutions that would keep the visitors on the website long enough to either purchase the product, set up an account or at least take an interest in other fund. Basically with product pages we are constantly trying to improve the efficiency of the lead funnel.

A / B Testing for Marketing Campaigns

Applying the best UX standards is often not enough and solutions, layouts as well as copy that used to work for one landing page produce mediocre results with another. Applying the best UX standards is often not enough and solutions, layouts as well as copy that used to work for one landing page produce mediocre results with another. Favorite weapon from our arsenal along high fidelity prototypes is A/B testing or split testing, which is one of the most powerful ways to improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Our team use A/B testing during planning stage to validate hypothesis that either come from stakeholders or are result of usability tests. Second round of split testing begin when the landing page collects enough statistically significant data that we can analyze.


What we delivered

Over the years we have crafted dozens of landing and product pages that were key element of bigger marketing campaigns. Our creative teams always make sure to deliver a consistent user experience (UX) with other marketing activities. All landing pages that we build focus on offering a strightforward value to potential clients and together with killer copy and logical structure with clear Call-To-Action path, they are verry efficient leads funnels.

Raporting System with Charts

Fintech industry set the bar quite high but our self-organizing and multidisciplinary teams work hand to hand from the start. This significantly speed up product delivery and produce beautiful and resposnsive landing pages with clean code.

Customized Report Printing

In order to deliver the message our creative teams and front-end developpers to animate charts, add interactive elements to pin down visitors' attention and make sure that all websites provide the very same user experience on all mobile devices. The last one is very crucial especially in Hong Kong and other APAC countries.

Customized Report Printing


Charts and Infographics

When telling a fin-tech story, few things grab attention more than motion. It’s a fact that our eyes are naturally drawn to bright colors and movement. A few well-placed animated charts or infographics can help an audience connect with the topic remarkably better than static counterparts.

Responsive and Dynamic Charts for Financial Funds

When combined with a compelling copy and high-quality graphics, well-crafted animated visualizations can be extremely effective at explaining complex concepts and deeply engaging viewers which is one of the purpose of building landing pages. With more than half of our team having economic degree we are well ‘armed’ for any caliber of data and we know how to turn boring spreadsheets and bar charts into compelling story that converts.

Financial Bar Chart with Numbers On Top
Iconography and Data Visualization


Social media banners

Social media provides an incredible platform for telling the world what your brand is all about with photos, videos, and valuable content. Without a visual identity, no one would ever remember your business, nor build emotional connections with your brand and products. All financial institutions depends on public trust in therefore keeping their visual identity consistent across all social channels is vital for brand recognition. Our creative team not only planed all social media presence for J.P. Morgan marketing efforts but also delivered engaging and compelling Google Ads campaign that focused on attracting users attention without being flashy or intrusive.

Linked in Post Baner Design
Advertising Baner Design for Marketing Campaigns

Our creative team not only planed all social media presence for J.P. Morgan marketing efforts but also delivered engaging and compelling Google Ads campaign that focused on attracting users attention without being flashy or intrusive. Social media assets and ads banners were



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