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#MasksForHongKong: Help contain coronavirus by donating surgical masks.

Feb 17
2 min read

Hong Kong has been struggling with a shortage of face masks, antiseptic hand wipes, or hand washes to protect against the #coronavirus outbreak. Thousands of people in Hong Kong have been hunting and queuing, for surgical masks every day. As of 15.02.2020, there is no reason to stop being careful or turn the blind eye.

“Although there are no newly confirmed cases today, because the incubation period of the pathogen can be up to 14 days or even longer, it’s hard to say if the outbreak has reached its peak. We still need to monitor the conditions for some time,” said Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan on Saturday 15 of Feb 2020, head of the communicable disease branch of the centre.

The quarantine is very real, and every little helps to stop the virus from spreading. We couldn’t stand to see our friends and colleagues suffer, and although we are not able to take the virus head-on, we support our friends by sending them 5000 masks, hand wash, and wipes.

Calling out locations where masks are still available and accessible via stores!

The shortage of masks is a global spread phenomenon, but it’s not hard to miss the signs you might be able to help if you are remote. Sending a parcel out across borders may seem complicated, but if you can get your hands on masks and are willing to do some good, there is a clear path to do so. Surgical masks served as the first line of defense against virus-carrying coughs and sneezes, and for months were considered essential daily attire.

There are a few things you might want to know
  1. You can ship surgical masks freely because they are considered safe products 
  2. You can use any courier you like
  3. Please select surgical masks or ideally N95 respirator masks with original packaging
  4. Make sure your packaging is solid i moist-proof
  5. Please remember, there are no Post Codes in Hong Kong – use 852 number instead – a Hong Kong Dialing Code

There are few addresses available:

Cleaning Workers Union

1-3A, G/F, Tsui Ying House 
Tsui Ping Estate 
Kwun Tong 
Tel: 2790 4848 

Environmental Services Contractors Alliance

Room 901, 18 Hysan Avenue 
Causeway Bay 
Tel: 3112 0993

Mission to New Arrivals

21/F, Skyline Tower 
18 Tong Mi Road 
Mong Kok 
Tel: 2729 6400

Industrial Evangelistic Fellowship

11/F, Mong Kok Christian Centre 
56 Bute Street 
Mong Kok 
Tel: 2798 0180

One Circle

Room 606, Sunbeam Centre, 27 Shing Yip Street, 
Kwun Tong 
Tel: 3955 3955

Concerning CSSA and Low Income Alliance

Room 4, Flat 10, Fuk Keung Industrial Building, 
66-68 Tong Mi Road, 
Mong Kok 
Tel: 3484 2881

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