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If you are looking for a Progressive Creative Agency and up-to-date Brand Studio with global feel and cutting-edge ideas we are here for You. We not only think outside the box - we also do outside the box to keep You in front of the line and your competitors way behind. Contact us to get a free quote or bash some ideas against our teams to get a fresh perspective.

Our international and multilingual agile teams can bring insights from all over the globe and our local market specialists can introduce best-practices tailored to your target customers - either for a b2b or a b2c strategy. Hong Kong is an interesting Market where all of the cultures collide and we know them all. Launching a new product or breaking into a market can present some new barriers, but don’t make this harder that in is - get on board and get in touch.

Authentic London

35 Berkeley Square
W1J 5BF, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 79 0741 9817
[email protected]
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Authentic Hong Kong

Unit 05, 4/F Energy Plaza
92 Granville Road
Hong Kong
+852 8193 0194
[email protected]
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You can contact one of our teams via e-mail, telephone, skype or get in touch with one of our representatives by filling out the contact form. If you know us by reference be sure to give us the name of the person that recommended us, so we can direct you to the team that handled this particular project.

First time here ? Let us know what qualities you are looking for and we’ll assemble a dream team to handle your project.


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