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  • Affordable pricing and packages
  • Advanced development capabilities
  • Dedicated teams for your project
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Mobile Development

Mobile application development requires skill and expertise in iOS and Android platforms. That’s exactly what you can expect from our team when working on your mobile app. We use up-to-date, reliable solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Custom Android and iOS applications
  • Cross-platform, hybrid mobile apps
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • e-Commerce mobile experience
  • Social games


We work with some of the world's leading businesses and corporate organizations to build better business through intuitive, stunning, and successful applications.

Why Choose
Authentic Studio
For Your Next
App Development

Business-oriented professionals first, enthusiastic creatives second. We might feel different than hip youngster designers offering range from flashing pink to one-dot design that regular users don’t get or find too intrusive.

We like balance. Add a moderate thrive for perfection with a hint of remote management mastery, and you are in for a threat of a mix of factors that make us unique.

Dedicated teams

Our team is equipped with the most talented people in the industry. Every project is completed with the highest quality work and attention.

Affordable pricing & packages

We enhance the user experience of your clients while minimizing development and maintaince costs with our affordable packages and pricing.

Beautiful brand experiences 

Our creative team brings the elements of your brand to life through our stunning user interface and experience services. Whether your business is long established or newly created, we have you covered.

Collaborative design
and management

From concept to completion, we create and follow a clear process and deliver our projects in a timely manner. We believe every brand, product and services deserves a tailored solution that will outshine the competition.


Over the years we have designed and launched dozens of mobile solutions, therefore no matter what you do, there is a big chance we have similar project in our portfolio.


Most of our clients give approvals to show projects details in private communication only. To get more information about our latest digital projects or if you’d like information about our pricing, click the button below!
Their work was solid and we were blown away by their abilities to use the most modern, cutting-edge technology. They have the ability to create impressive, dynamic work.
Naresh Ramjee Business Architect at Equiniti read MORE ON:



We have worked for many different businesses and there is high likelihood that we have insights that will make your project outstanding. Give us 15 minutes to convince you that we have right people, skills, experience and passion.

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