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7 Design Features of the Best Progressive Web Apps

by Authentic Studio

7 Design Features of the Best Progressive Web Apps There are so many different reasons why you might want to develop an app. Like the fact that there are over 2.7 billion smartphone users on Earth, currently. There are 1.35 billion tablet users as well.  Considering that mobile u ...

WordPress CMS vs October CMS: The Ultimate Showdown

by Authentic Studio

If you've been using WordPress to develop your website or blog, then hold on there's a new CMS in town called October CMS. I'm sure you're wondering about the differences in WordPress CMS vs. October CMS and which CMS is better. We'll get into that here and a lot more.  What Is W ...

UX vs. UI in Design: What's the Difference?

by Authentic Studio

How often have you seen the acronyms UX vs. UI when discussing design? If you’re like most people, you may have some confusion about what these mean. Sure, they have to do with the design process, but what exactly are they? UX and UI are two different aspects of the design proces ...