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First Impressions: Designing the Most Creative Banner Ads

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If you want the websites you design to capture their audience and not let go, take a look at the design suggestions in this article. Success is in your future!

Banner ads: They are bright, flashy, and one of the most prolific forms of marketing. However, if there is one thing you are sure of, is that you don't want one of those mediocre banner ad designs we are all tired of seeing.

Besides, people don't really like clicking on ads, and there are many apps out there they use to banish ads from their browsing experience. This means you have reduced exposure potential and have to be extra creative in how you present your ad. What do you do to have creative banner ads?

The trick here is to create an irresistible banner ad design that grabs attention instantly. Banner ads that are just begging to be clicked on so the customer can unravel what's behind them. In this post, we'll show you how to design a banner ad, and offer tips and tricks that will help you achieve this goal and totally stand out. 

Feature Surreal or Metaphoric Visuals

We have established that web banner ads need to communicate the main message as soon as possible. Still, surreal or metaphoric images tend to be captivating and have proven to be very effective for most creative banner ads. 

The main message should not get lost, and viewers must be able to understand what your ad is trying to express easily. The rule of thumb when it comes to these images is that if you can show, don't tell. If not, then use text. 

Create a Sense of Movement

Adding a subtle sense of movement to your web banners will add elegance to them and make them intriguing to viewers. The movement will capture their attention, which is all you need to get your message across. Animation make creative banner ads dynamic, even though the frame will be static, and if you can include leading lines, even better. 

Choose Images Wisely

The image you choose should not only attract viewers but stay relevant to the ad, as well. You don't have to use photos if you feel that it's not necessary. Custom graphics are getting more and more popular, and if you feel that graphical imagery would work better, then go for it. 

If you choose to use photographs, try using filters and graphics to alter the contrast and color balance tastefully. This will help you achieve an eye-catching visual. Where applicable, you may also use location-specific imagery and target different locations with specific banner ads. 

If you choose to use photographs, then know that happy faces work wonders. Humans are drawn to happy faces, so make sure there are smiles. 

Complement the Banner Ad Design, but Stand Out

To earn a viewer's trust, try to blend the banner ad design with the site where you feature it. Of course, it should not blend in too much to go unnoticed. Web banners need to be visible and clickable, but you should remain relevant.

The ad and landing page need to have a similar pattern. Once they click on the banner, they should not get something completely different from the ad, and its visual style. 

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Consider color psychology and use the right combination of colors. Different colors represent different types of emotion, and the color should reflect your brand and target audience.

There are general rules you could follow in terms of color. For instance, younger people are attracted to lighter colors with long wavelengths, while older people are attracted to darker colors. Try to relate ad colors with product colors, like using green for natural products or purple for high-end products.

Avoid Banner Blindness - A Threat to Clicks

There are two important factors you must consider when designing creative banner ads. To begin with, you need to communicate your business proposition as clearly as possible. You see, the average customer attention span to your webpage stands below 15 seconds, and without a clear message, your banner may as well go unnoticed. 

Secondly, the banner ad needs to demonstrate trustworthiness and credibility. Internet users are exposed to an average of 1,700 banner ads per month, and due to their abundance, most of the time, banner ads are likely to be ignored. You need credibility to stand out and engage them. 

Maintain Hierarchy

The thing about web banners is that, just like your website design, they rely upon the right balance—on everything. An effective banner ad design will not only increase your brand awareness but drive traffic to your website as well. You need to follow three basic components:

The business logo must be included on your banner ad design to increase awareness. It must be visually dominant, but not supersede the value preposition or CTA. The value proposition must be included to showcase your products or services. 

It must call attention to itself through attractive prices and offers. The last is the CTA or call-to-action, which will invite your prospects to click on the banner ad. Think about phrases like "Learn More" or "Get Started." 

Keep Everything Simple

Viewers are likely to glance at your banner ad design for a second or two, so make it simple enough to go through it during that time. Use buttons appropriately as they will increase your click-through rate or CTR of the web banners. Ensure they are consistent throughout the ads. 

Keep Your Text Readable

Don't get carried away with fancy fonts that take away from the message while trying to achieve creative banner ads. You need attention-grabbing text that viewers will read in a split second. The headline and body need to be different sizes to help differentiate between them. Both, however, need to be above 10 pt. 

Make Your CTA Super Clear

What do you want viewers to do after seeing the web banners? Your call-to-action is the final instruction you are giving your potential customers, and it needs to lead to the right place. Regardless of what you ask them to do, it needs to deliver the customers where it promises, so they can get what attracted them to the ad in the first place. 

First Impressions Matter!

Creative banner ads need to be attention-grabbing, captivating, and alluring. They must be the right size, the proper layout, and have the correct information. 

Think outside the box and come up with a great font, bright colors, and a compelling message for your target audience. Get in touch with us, and we'll help you design the most awesome banner ad design your business could possibly have.